Our first choir workshop

Maddermarket Theatre 20th July

“In Norfolk there is a wealth of African talent, but we felt there was space for a bespoke African Choir whose remit is to bring that amazing vibe to a wider audience.”

– Peter Barrow

I’ve been very excited to meet everyone today who have shown interest in the first gathering of the African choir. We had great responses from lots of people and we are meeting at the Maddermarket Theatre at 10am.

There are about 10 people who have turned up and a quick introduction confirms we have ladies from Eritrea, Morocco, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Ivory Coast.

The room is full of colour and laughter as we do voice and body warm up. For 3 hours we explore songs from Zimbabwe, Nigeria and South Africa, there are women of all ages from late teens to grandmothers I love the energy.

Lunch time we go out in groups and get all sorts of delicious food from Norwich lanes, some have to leave at lunch time and others arrive and we are all learning songs from each other’s culture.

Before we know it it’s 2pm and we all leave feeling positive and happy. Eunice has managed to set up a WhatsApp group and shared some of the videos and I will send a follow up date after the summer holidays.

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