Cathedral Close

Sunday 5th October

Today we met at Cathedral close and it’s so lovely to see everyone again, we have 3 new members join us and the room is just about big enough for  all of us.

Stash has been in touch to say he’s found a permanent venue where we can start rehearsing regularly so will start in October. Currently we are meeting once a month but hoping to up this in January, we have also been on a radio station very early in the morning  to talk about the choir and target new members. 

Everyone has brought food to share today especially Jacqui who has made enough food for the whole group. We all love the Close and have met a lovely bubbly lady who is making us tea and enjoying our singing which she can hear through the open window. 

I have brought my mbira today and we played Surudzo which sounded fab, we also worked on some of the songs from the last session when we met. I’m very moved by everyone’s dedication and realise how difficult it is for us to meet altogether but I can see everyone is trying. So that keeps my energy on the high.

We talked about performing a little public taster on the 16th November but the group still feels this is too soon and actually they are all enjoying just meeting up and singing.

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