Despite the rain..

Sunday 6th November

I’m so tired today my current tour is in full swing and it’s chucking it down outside, I just wanna have a duvet day but I pull myself out of bed and get ready to see who will be at singing today.

We are going to try the new venue Stash had found for us. I have been to meet with Rachel who helps run the venue and has given me a set of keys so we can let ourselves in for rehearsals. 

There are 6 of us today who have braved the weather wow thank you, so we all get on and start warming up, we touch on more songs and go deeper.

One of the young ladies want to try circle of life from the Lion King, she has an amazing voice and the song suits her really well. Im keen to add more African vocals and spend the last hour shaping it. It sounds really good!

So touched to have Jacqui and her daughter with us, came straight from London they are soaking wet but they made it.

There is a strong feel of sisterhood and friendships are starting to form naturally. It’s beautiful.

Next meeting is planned for Saturday 7th and Sunday 15th December to try and accommodate some who can’t make Sundays, that’s how we might hope to do rehearsals as of January to accommodate our expanding African choir.

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